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Supercharge process efficiency
Minimise manual tasks and reduce the risk of error with Canon’s process automation that lets you digitise records, create documents and exchange data with ease. Equip leaders with dynamic reports and dashboards for analysis and decision making on the fly.
Ways we can help your business
There’s more than one way to streamline your business with Canon.

  • Secure and flexible data capture

    Capture data from hard copy and electronic files and archive it securely for easy retrieval. Import from mailboxes, cloud-based storage systems and FTP. Extract from PDFs, barcodes, MS Office files, invoices, and common delimited data files. The options are endless.

  • Reporting and analytics, ready to go

    Gain valuable insights about your organisation in real-time with dynamic, ad-hoc and automated reporting on your processes and records. Integrate with business intelligence tools like MS PowerBI, or built-in live dashboards for a complete picture.

  • Automate document creation

    Eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming document creation and ensure compliance by introducing automated templates for re-usable documents like contracts, project scoping, proposals, employee offer letters and more.

  • Transform labour-intensive processes

    Eliminate paper and digitise approval processes allowing decision-makers to review and action using any device. Utilise your preferred eSignature service provider for contracts.

  • Reduce duplication of effort through integration

    Eliminate double-handling and reduce the risk of error associated with data entry by connecting systems with codeless REST API calls and various native line-of-business system integrations.

  • Retention policies and compliance

    Exceeding compliance, audit and legislative requirements for records retention and privacy has never been easier. Automatically transition records between retention stages throughout the document life-cycle, eliminating costly storage for paper-based records.

How we’ve helped other businesses
See how others have successfully transformed their business with us.
  • Browns Express case study

    See how regional logistics company Browns Express used Therefore to streamline their workflow and increase productivity.

  • Goldengrove Building Group case study

    After significant growth, Goldengrove Building needed to dramatically improve their invoice processing capacity.

  • Hallmark Homes case study

    Hallmark Homes had amassed a staggering amount of paperwork. They needed to scan and archive these documents so they could access them easily.

  • BBC Digital case study

    BBC Digital Canon Partner uses Therefore within their business.

Get help deciding what’s best for your business
Access resources to help you make the right decision for your business.
  • Automate repetitive document and records tasks with Canon Therefore™
  • View YouTube video
What sets us apart
We’re trusted by businesses across the country to enhance their office experience.
  • Certifications


    Canon policies are effectively implemented and routinely reviewed to ensure they deliver on our promise, meeting independent certification standards.

  • Compliance


    Engineered to comply with international quality standards, Canon’s document and records management software is safe and secure to manage your records.

  • Support


    With product and technical support from a global leader, you can manage your organisation’s documents and records with great confidence and efficiency.