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Environmental Management

Canon holds global management system certification for environmental management. This means that all Canon companies meet the same benchmark. The auditors also verify compliance with Canon Global environmental policies. This means that stakeholders can be confident that Canon’s policies are not just words and that they are effectively implemented internationally. 
Canon Australia also maintains independent certification of its quality and health and safety management systems. This provides assurance particularly to our customers, staff and directors that our systems for managing quality and health and safety performance meet local and international benchmarks.

Canon Australia and Canon Finance
Licence Number: SGS JP 96/008114.00
Certified Since: 1996 
Licence Number: SGS AU 07/3001.00
Certified Since: 1993
ISO 45001 
Licence Number: SGS AU 08/3152.00
Certified Since: 2008 
Canon New Zealand
Licence Number: SGS JP 96/008114.00
Certified Since: 1996

Image credit: Steve Huddy, Canon employee
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